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Discover the recovery at home with

REAtouch® Home


What’s the REAtouch® Home
therapy device?

The REAtouch® Home enables intensive functional rehabilitation at home. With a large touchscreen and a variety of playful objects in different shapes and colors, REAtouch® Home provides arm and hand movement practice, supported by fun, adapted, and highly stimulating therapeutic games that promote cognitive and motor recovery.

Who would benefit from using the REAtouch® Home therapy device?

REAtouch® Home can be used by people of all ages, in all stages of neurological conditions including cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, who want to manage intensive functional rehabilitation programs remotely at home.

How can I get a REAtouch® Home therapy device for use at home?

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When will the REAtouch® Home therapy device be available?

The REAtouch® Home therapy device will be available early 2023.

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